Happy Halloween Wax Trax! People!

Just a quick note to let you all know what’s been going on at Wax Trax! HQ.
In addition to the phenomenal response we have had since offering INDUSTRIAL ACCIDENT on AppleTV, Amazon Prime & Google Play/YouTube, we have also been busy re-stocking the online store with items other than just the Wax Trax! documentary.
In prepping for the holidays, over the next month we will be picking through the Wax Trax! vault and will be replenishing as well as adding new items to
To kick off the season, we have started by offering a new TKK shirt and some new Front 242 items. We have also read your emails regarding any extra Record Store Day editions of the soundtrack that we might have laying around. Well – We do have a handful that were held back and now are offering them to you until they are gone. Since the purchase will be through our Wax Trax! mail order, this will be the first time this edition has been offered outside North America.


Just a heads up to all you Ministry fans. As some of you may have heard, Mr. Jourgensen has teamed up with Melodic Virtue to create a new book about his influential band. This fully authorized visual history clocks in at 248 pages and is filled with rare and previously unseen content and commentary that spans Ministry’s entire career. You never know – You might even find one or two Wax Trax! treasures in there.
As a special roll out, Al Jourgensen & Aaron Tanner from Melodic Virtue will be in Chicago on December 13, 2019 for a very special book signing. The event will take place at Asrai Garden in the West Loop (inside the Ace Hotel).
200 copies of the book, including a deluxe edition that includes a 7” of the studio version “(Every Day is) Halloween (Acoustic)” featuring Dave Navarro, will be available for purchase at this event.

That’s not all Al & Company have up their sleeves. Special promotional products and events will be happening at other Chicago locations including Kuma’s Corner, Asrai Garden and a secret party DJ’d by Chicago legend Scary Lady Sarah.

You can check out all the detailed RSVP info HERE


As we mentioned last time, My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult are finishing up the second leg of their “In The House Of Strange Affairs” tour. The show is the best they’ve sounded in years and if you happen to be at one of the Chicago dates on Nov. 7 & Nov. 9 , yours truly and the Wax Trax! crew will be helping out Groovie & Buzz by slingin’ shirts in the merch booth. Stop by and say hi!!


Lastly – 2020 will be a big year for Wax Trax! Records. For those keeping count, the label will officially turn 40 next year. Quite a milestone for a company who’s past, present and future story continues to be much stranger than fiction. Hmm, maybe Wax Trax! should do something kind of special and limited to mark the anniversary. – Just sayin’

That’s it for now. As always, visit for all things Wax Trax! and be sure to join the conversation at our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

until next time




Hello Wax Trax! People, -Hope you have been enjoying your summer so far as we slip & slide through August!
I just wanted to check in and tell you all about some really great things happening in the World o’ WAX TRAX!




A huge thanks to all of you who have been spreading the word about INDUSTRIAL ACCIDENT: The Story of Wax Trax! Records. The response both publicly and private messages regarding the documentary and soundtrack have been way beyond our expectations.
As some of you know, in addition to the physical editions, we launched the film for digital download back in June and the response and reviews have been stunning. With your help, we were able to push the pre-sales at appleTV up to #2 for June releases – THANK YOU!
We wanted to also mention that the 75 minutes of bonus footage is still only available on the DVD & special Blu-Ray edition. The bonus footage fills in a lot of gaps that we weren’t able to tackle in the feature film and we are so happy to hear that some fans like the bonus material as much or more than the main documentary.
If you were one of the people who watched the documentary on appleTV, Amazon Prime, or Google Play and wanted a little more…Then head on over to WAXTRAX.COM for the only way to get the extra footage editions.




Speaking of Google…Some of you may have caught the “Talks At Google”, we did a few months back. Mark & I had a ton of fun talking about the making of the film as well as the past, present and future of Wax Trax! Thanks to all the fine people at Google for inviting us and making us feel at home. This adds to the incredible press the movie and soundtrack have been getting. Rolling Stone, Pitchfork, Revolver…And of course Forbes Magazine (Cuz nothing says Wax Trax! like Forbes!) You can check out all the press links for the documentary, soundtrack and tour compiled at




What are you all doing in September? Please join us in Chicago as we set up a special WAX TRAX! COLLECTOR’S CORNER at the upcoming Cold Waves Festival September 19-22. We are doing things a little differently and paring things down a bit at this year’s CW VIII. We will of course have the WAX TRAX! Documentary and soundtrack available but we will also be cherry picking some of the more rare and super limited items from the WAX TRAX! vault to offer to collectors. Are you looking for a sealed copy of Naive’s 1st pressing?…Mint copy of Chill Out?…A Test Pressing of the COIL Snow 12″?…Yep, we’ll have ‘em. We may have even found a few of those super limited CASH GRAB box sets complete with second bonus 7″ that was offered earlier this year. Our suggestion for anyone flying in from outside the country, this may be your only chance to pick one of these rare boxed beauties since it was only offered through the US mail-order.
Basically, we have carved out a special spot at Metro to offer items not available at our online store.
We suggest getting there early since we expect most of these items won’t last long.
If you can’t make it to Chicago, No worries – Cold Waves is taking their show on the road to LA, Brooklyn, Baltimore, San Francisco and more. This includes WAX TRAX! Alumni, Paul Barker and Test Dept. together with Severed Heads, PWEI and more!
You can check out the entire North American tour dates and cities HERE.




My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult is on the road for Part 2 in support of the new album HOUSE OF STRANGE AFFAIRS. Starting October 18. Buzz, Groovie & Co. will be hitting the east coast and mid-west this fall.
Tour information for all the upcoming shows can be found HERE
The shows for last spring’s “Part 1” were amazing and checking out these upcoming dates is highly recommended. The WAX TRAX! crew will definitely be in attendance for their Chicago performances: Nov. 7 at The Chop Shop & Nov. 9 at The Wire . See you there!




Hey just a heads up – For those completists keeping score on the different soundtrack options we wanted to point you to the official WAX TRAX! Bandcamp page. Yes – Of course we have this album available on itunes, Amazon, etc. but due to some restrictive licensing issues on the back end, bandcamp is actually the only place on earth to get all the digital songs together in one location as a complete album bundle. This includes the amazing instrumental tracks by Roland Barker & Lead Into Gold packaged together with Laibach, The Young Gods, etc. for the first time.




Some of you may have noticed the documentary and soundtrack showing up at local stores like Amoeba or Rough Trade, etc. Well, we are selling direct wholesale to record stores around the world and want to continue to get this Blu-Ray/DVD and vinyl/CD into as many mom & pops as possible. If you want the film and soundtrack in your local record store, let the owners know how to contact us directly at to set up their wholesale account.


That’s it for now, Be sure to check out WAXTRAX.COM for goodies and collectables. As always, join the conversation at the official WAX TRAX! Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

Until next time



Hi Wax Trax! People

Okay, tons of pretty amazing stuff has happened since the last update. Before we unpack the last couple of months, let’s talk about something we are super excited about.



For Wax Trax! fans who have been waiting for a VOD/ digital download of the documentary, we are happy to announce that the film will be available worldwide on iTunes and other download services, June 4th.
iTunes pre-orders are available now and are a fool-proof way to make sure the documentary is there waiting for you in your library first thing on the release date.

For our international friends, we are thrilled to have this film accessible around the world in 79 different territories and sub-titled in five different languages.

We have a favor to ask any of you who are iTunes users and will be watching via Apple. Please write a review of the documentary when you get a chance. It will help move the film up the iTunes promotional chain and hopefully expose it to a whole new audience who may not know about Wax Trax!




For those of you who are looking for the extra footage, the DVD/Blu-Ray is still the only way to get this exclusive bonus. The 75min of additional material is available now at

Some of you have posted that you think the bonus material may be as good as the main feature. We must agree – We used this extra footage as a way to dig deeper into stories that wouldn’t fit into the main narrative and timeline. We really worked hard to give fans a special treat with an inside look from the artist’s perspective. This is a must-see for any fan of the label and store! Available now only at the Wax Trax! online shop.



photos:Casey Mitchell, Bobby Talamine, Derick Smith

What an incredible tour we had last month. We know it has been a while, but we are still reeling from this once in a lifetime experience. Thanks to everyone at Vans, RSD and Ministry for joining forces with this project and bringing something special to the six cities we hit. Thanks for having us and we hope we can do something just as fantastic again in the future!

That’s it for now. Please join the conversation at our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages
and don’t forget to check out the constantly updated stock of Wax Trax! goodies at our official Wax Trax! Online Shop.



In partnership with Vans and Record Store Day

4/13 kicks off a once-in-a-lifetime tour of Experience Events.
VIP Tickets can ONLY be acquired with the purchase of the SPECIAL VIP TICKET EDITIONS OF THE SOUNDTRACK at participating stores in each market.


SOUNDTRACK + TICKET EDITIONS will be available on a first-come basis starting on Record Store Day in the stores below. No pre-orders, no holds. TWO tickets will be included with each Blue Vinyl RSD edition at these stores until quantities run out. (And yes – We expect them to run out!)
In addition to the VIP tickets, fans can get more information about, and register for free GENERAL ADMISSION tickets, starting on 4/13 at



VANS Presents: Industrial Accident: The Story of Wax Trax! Records Experience Events
4/13: Chicago, IL @ House of Vans Chicago
4/15: Brooklyn, NY @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
4/17: Toronto, CA @ Danforth Music Hall
4/19: Austin, TX @ Fair Market
4/22: San Francisco, CA @ Great American Music Hall
4/23: Los Angeles, CA @ Teragram Ballroom

Participating Record Stores
Find addresses and contact info for all participating Record Store Day stores at

Chicago, IL

Laurie’s Planet of Sound
Reckless Records (all locations)
Dave’s Records
Shuga Records
Beverly Records

New York, NY

Generation Records
Academy Records
Rough Trade

Toronto, CANADA

Dead Dog Records
Sonic Boom
Rotate This
Pop Music

Austin, TX

Waterloo Records
End of an Ear

San Francisco, CA

1-2-3-4 Go! Records
Amoeba Records

Los Angeles, CA

Permanent Records
Going Underground
Amoeba Records

See you there!




Hey Friends!!

This will be short and sweet…I hope.  There is a lot happening in the next few weeks and we want to relay the information to you in the most direct way possible.




As some of you know, preorders for Industrial Accident in all formats and variant editions for the film and soundtrack are open now, ahead of the official release date of 4/16/19.

Two important things to note about the preorders:

1. The expanded “Cash Grab” Box Edition will come with a bonus mystery 7-inch with **PREORDERS ONLY!!
After preorders close in April the Cash Grab Box will NOT include this extra special item.
2. In addition, the Box has been moving pretty quickly and we only have a limited amount left in stock. There is a good chance we sell out of this edition before the April 16 release date. If you have been on the fence about buying one of these beauties, the train may be leaving the station fairly soon. -You’ve been warned.

Note: For those of you who have been emailing on why it hasn’t shipped yet – The official release date is APRIL 16th, 2019. and will ship right around that date.




As part of the soundtrack launch, WAX TRAX! has pressed a special edition exclusively for Record Store Day 2019.
Ask your local stores about the special RSD Limited Edition blue vinyl and get this baby in your hands before anyone else on Record Store Day – April 13, 2019.
We will not be selling this special edition anywhere outside RSD events. When they’re gone, they’re gone.. Collectors, start your engines!!


As an extension of the RSD launch, we’ve cooked up something very special.
Wax Trax! is hitting the road with our friends at Vans and RSD to bring INDUSTRIAL ACCIDENT to select cities. We will be screening the film FREE in 6 locations around the US and Canada. As if the documentary wasn’t enough, these events will include a live performance by MINISTRY playing Wax Trax! era jams!!!  I’ve seen the playlist and I promise that this will be one you don’t want to miss. Cold Cave is opening for Ministry in each city.

We are kicking off this mini-tour in our hometown of CHICAGO on April 13, 2019 at HOUSE OF VANS.

Tour Cities and Dates:
4/13 -Chicago
4/15 – Brooklyn
4/17 – Toronto
4/19 – Austin
4/22 – SanFran
4/23 – LA

We will have more details on venues and instructions coming very soon!

So how does a Wax Trax! and Ministry fan secure these event tickets you may ask? (and oh how you’ve asked)

There are two official ways to get tickets to the screenings & concerts.

1. VIP: Two VIP tickets for guaranteed entry will only be available on Record Store Day (4/13/19) with the purchase of the IA soundtrack (Ltd Ed blue vinyl) at select record stores in above screening cities. The complete list of specific VIP Ticket stores will be released through Wax Trax! / RSD / Vans closer to Record Store Day.

2. GA: General Admission tickets are free. A RSVP link will become available and we will pass along the info closer to RSD.

However, one very important note. Once the venue has reached capacity GA entry is not guaranteed. What this means is after VIP tickets enter, if there is only room for let’s say 439 seats left until capacity, if you are #439 in line, you will be totally good…If you are #440 in line, you will not be very happy.
Everybody who RSVPs will have the same chance as long as you’re there before the cut off. and YES, we expect all these shows will reach sold out capacity.
Our suggestion – GET IN LINE EARLY!

We will have more details on GA ticket RSVPs coming soon!




PREORDERS – Documentary and soundtrack orders open now at – Release date 4/16/19

RSD – Special limited blue pressing. Only available at official RSD events in the US & Canada.

TOUR – Venues to be announced via Wax Trax! news blast, twitter, facebook and instagram. as well as Vans & RSD and outlets
4/13 -Chicago / HOV
4/15 – Brooklyn
4/17 – Toronto
4/19 – Austin
4/22 – SanFran
4/23 – LA

GA: Entry is first come first served until venue reaches capacity.
We will send an RSVP link for GA tickets to screening cities via these Wax Trax! news blasts, as well as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
STAY TUNED for more info!

VIP: Two VIP tickets available on Record Store Day with purchase of Industrial Accident limited soundtrack at select record stores in screening/tour cities ONLY.
We will announce participating record stores in screening cities via Wax Trax! news blast,Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
STAY TUNED for more info!

I guess that wasn’t really “short”…but it sure was sweet!


xo- J




Happy Thanksgiving to all the Wax Trax! people here in the US. While sitting around the table with the extended family, we hope your feast is good and the unavoidable conversation with that crazy uncle about politics & religion is even better!

Let’s get to some WAX TRAX! News – shall we?


Well, it looks like Industrial Accident picked up another festival award. A huge thank you to the fine folks and jury at SOUND UNSEEN – Minneapolis’ premiere film festival. Wax Trax! has won for best film in the 2018 series. Thank you!!



A big reminder to all our Norsemen and Shield-Maidens out there, INDUSTRIAL ACCIDENT is screening again in Finland at Night Visions TOMORROW (Nov. 23) for the final Scandinavian show. TYR!!!!!!



For those of you who had missed the earlier news blast of West-Coast news. INDUSTRIAL ACCIDENT: The Story of Wax Trax! Records will screen ONE time only in SAN FRANCISCO on Dec. 12, 2018. This will be part of ANOTHER HOLE IN THE HEAD Film Festival. San Fransisco’s top underground film festival and part of the legendary DocFest family.
We strongly suggest getting TICKETS soon before they’re gone for good!!



Let’s circle back on this month’s DENVER FILM FESTIVAL. Wow – What an experience! Two sold out screenings with an all star cast of characters for the artist Q&A. The whole weekend was top notch and organized so well. A huge thank you to Groovie Mann, Jello Biafra and Al Jourgensen for taking time to make the trip and be part of the artist panel (As well as the awesome Jello DJ set!). I know it meant a lot for fans to hear the amazing WAX TRAX! stories from the architects themselves.



We made an announcement to all our barely crowdfunding homies last month. Well, the cat got out of the bag on a larger scale so we felt it would probably help put a few minds at ease if we made a formal announcement.
The official soundtrack for INDUSTRIAL ACCIDENT will indeed be release in April of 2019. We will start taking pre-orders in January at the WAX TRAX! ONLINE STORE. We will divulge many more details including the track listing and special editions at that time.


If you are waiting to get this movie into your collection,
well, I’ve got some GOOD news and some BAD news.
The good news is the documentary will be released on DVD & Blu Ray and VOD the same time as the SOUNDTRACK, with pre-orders of standard and special editions also beginning in January.

The bad news…Well, there is no bad news. I was just fucking with you.



As some of you know, Ministry’s Land of Rape and Honey officially turned 30 earlier this year. Al, Paul and Chris from the classic line up have recently been interviewed about making the landmark record and the current Ministry line up is on tour starting this month to celebrate the milestone as well as support their new album Amerikkkant.
A complete list of tour dates can be found on the main MINISTRY site. Hmmm…Could a reunion be in the works? We will just have to wait and see.

That’s it for now. You have your orders: Vikings – invade Night Visions on 11/23 , San Franciscans Storm The Studio, 12/12!!

Happy Thanksgiving – Now go eat some turkey!