Hi Wax Trax! People

Okay, tons of pretty amazing stuff has happened since the last update. Before we unpack the last couple of months, let’s talk about something we are super excited about.



For Wax Trax! fans who have been waiting for a VOD/ digital download of the documentary, we are happy to announce that the film will be available worldwide on iTunes and other download services, June 4th.
iTunes pre-orders are available now and are a fool-proof way to make sure the documentary is there waiting for you in your library first thing on the release date.

For our international friends, we are thrilled to have this film accessible around the world in 79 different territories and sub-titled in five different languages.

We have a favor to ask any of you who are iTunes users and will be watching via Apple. Please write a review of the documentary when you get a chance. It will help move the film up the iTunes promotional chain and hopefully expose it to a whole new audience who may not know about Wax Trax!




For those of you who are looking for the extra footage, the DVD/Blu-Ray is still the only way to get this exclusive bonus. The 75min of additional material is available now at

Some of you have posted that you think the bonus material may be as good as the main feature. We must agree – We used this extra footage as a way to dig deeper into stories that wouldn’t fit into the main narrative and timeline. We really worked hard to give fans a special treat with an inside look from the artist’s perspective. This is a must-see for any fan of the label and store! Available now only at the Wax Trax! online shop.



photos:Casey Mitchell, Bobby Talamine, Derick Smith

What an incredible tour we had last month. We know it has been a while, but we are still reeling from this once in a lifetime experience. Thanks to everyone at Vans, RSD and Ministry for joining forces with this project and bringing something special to the six cities we hit. Thanks for having us and we hope we can do something just as fantastic again in the future!

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